Property Management Services

  • INITIAL CONSULTATION- Inspect property, start a worksheet and review rent schedule with Owner.
  • SHOW PROPERTY TO PROSPECTIVE TENANTS- Our professional real estate agents and brokers devote 100% of their time to property services.
  • SCREEN TENANTS- Our staff will check tenant's past rental history, employment and run a credit report on each prospective tenant.
  • INSPECTIONS- Our detailed check-in and check-out reports are very useful in solving any deposit refund problems. We also make a periodic unit analysis to avoid any major tenant or maintenance problems.
  • TENANT RELATIONS- We handle the tenant's problems as they come to our attention and continually look at preventative solutions. Frequent contact with the tenant prevents serious situations.
  • SERVICE REPAIRS- From the "trouble" call to the final inspection, our staff handles the problems quickly and efficiently. For problems which require Owner contributions, we first contact you for approval, obtain competitive bids, report them back to you and see that all work is preformed acceptably.
  • FURNISH MONTHLY STATEMENTS- We furnish a detailed monthly statement including a tenant activity report on each property. It shows month-to-date, year-to-date figures and a percentage breakdown of your income and expenses. It also shows net operating income, Owner transactions, such as Owner's draws, advances, capital improvements, mortgage expenses and total reserves for replacement.

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